InfiEnergy develops and invests in sites that generate electricity cleanly and renewably using farms of photovoltaic panels. 

Why Renewable Energy - This is one of the most exciting times for generating electricity using solar since for the first time one can see the future where solar energy will achieve grid parity. It may take few more years, certainly less than ten, but given the pace of technological development and production efficiencies due to scale, electricity from solar will be cheaper than coal and nuclear. This is even before taking fully into account the external costs to environment due to coal and nuclear. 

Why Solar - Whereas other renewable energy are location specific, for example hydro needs a water source and wind energy needs a location with high winds, solar is unique in being available everywhere. Although some locations get more sunlight than others, even high latitude regions get enough sunlight to make investment in solar energy worthwhile. While today, solar in most locations needs support in terms of rebates, tax credits and incentives, and purchasing mandates on utilities, this support is decreasing and eventually solar energy will be able to stand on its own. As installed costs moves towards the goal of  a dollar per installed watt, the need for subsidies would disappear.

Why Photovoltaics - Few years ago, the cost of concentrating solar power was similar to solar PV, however, today the second is clearly cheaper. Furthermore, the slope of the drop in price over time is much steeper for solar PV.

Why InfiEnergy - At the core, InfiEnergy is a technology company as oppose to a simple investment and management one. We are constantly experimenting, innovating, and optimizing the full cycle of our deployment and operating strategy. By selecting the right combination of equipment and improving upon the installation process, we can wring out all excess costs and get to a minimum per watt installed costs. Furthermore, we have not just a maintenance strategy but one that can optimize the energy harvested throughout the life of the project.